Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2003 || What? Who changed the questions?

Nicole feels The current mood of nacwolin at

We are back home, and I am once again contemplating why, after a really nice get-away - a time where we both relaxed and just enjoyed being Rob and Nicole (I won't mention any other extra-curricular activities, thank-you-very-much), when we saw good friends who always make me feel like a million bucks - we seem to come home and the stress gauge immediately hits overload mode.

Some of it is me. Stress camper is an understatement. Worrier? Yup, that is one lesson I learned quite well from dear-ole-mom.


One of these days, I will learn, won't I?

Yup, Rob and I solved all the world's problems during the three-hour drive home only to learn they've changed all the questions.

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