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Most here know that Rob was a church planter/senior pastor for 4.5 years prior to our move back to the state that was once the proud seat of the confederacy. We came here to be a part of our "home" church (the church we attended and served in before he went to Bible college). We very much felt His call to return, take secular jobs, and just wait on His next step.

When we first got here back in January 2004, Rob told the pastors that we were going to take 6 months to settle in before jumping into anything specific. The move was tough - who I am kidding, much tougher than expected - on the kids (mid-school year) and I went back to work full-time at first. And I think we were just tired and needed to rest in Him for a while.

At about the 6-month mark, Rob's job changed. He began to travel. A lot. Only home about 6-10 days a month. There we were, ready to get back into a more active service role at church, and he was gone all the time.

God opened ministry doors for me (M0PS, praise team, teaching requests, community group), but with Rob's schedule, he has been very limited. God began to use this time to help him realize that he is called to be in a more "full-time" ministry role.

But how? When? Where?

Our hearts have been here in this locale, but no doors have been opening. Well, doors seemed to open, only to slam shut (is my nose still there?) upon closer inspection. Our prayers began to change from "provide a job for him here - or a ministry position for him here" to "wherever, whenever". (Funny how God takes us to the "I surrender all" place, isn't it?)

He is now candidating at a church about 100 miles from here. It is still very much in the preliminary stages at this point. This church does want to move fast (they have been without a pastor for over a year; he passed away late 2003), and I think, one way or the other, we will know something within a month.

We wouldn't make a physical move until the summer.

I am excited, but I have to say, I don't want to move! I love my job here (I don't have enough college credit to sub there; I've already checked) and moving is just, well, you know!!


But, I haven't seen Rob with this much anticipation in a while. Encouraged. Excited. He is so tired of traveling. Yes, he's awesome at what he does. Yes, we've earned bunches of tickets and free car rentals and hotel stays, but...

At what price?

This church is looking for someone to take them from a more traditional feel to more contemporary. He loves a challenge. He loves people. He is a wonderful minister.

We've been listening to some of his messages from Anch0r, and I've been like, "Wow, he is a gifted speaker." And I am not just saying that because he's good in the sack.

I think I can speak for the whole L-family when I say that we are very, very weary of being apart 75-80% of the time.

God never promised a smooth ride, now did He?

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