Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2004 || Getting that proverbial butt in gear

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No convicts today, so that was a pleasant change.

Actually, the day was fairly slow and smooth. I took several job orders and placed a few folks. I had lunch with Rob, which was nice, even if it was D3nny's, since that is the closest to my office.

We are having some folks over for dinner tomorrow night, so I am trying to drum up the energy to get some housework done so it doesn't bit me in the proverbial butt tomorrow.

Or should I say my seemingly expanding boot-ay, since my treadmill and running time are nonexistant.

Must. Do. Better. With. That.

I have just about finished the bathroom, but Rob decided to replace the door knob before I could mop the floor. Of all the undone tasks in this house, he would pick that very one right when I am cleaning the room.


Found this today - might be old news to some of you all, but Rob and I got a kick out of it. Scroll down to get the product description.

Hope your night is more exciting than mine!

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