Tuesday, May. 14, 2002 || Beach bust

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Life is moving along at an easy shuffle around here, so I thought for today it might be fun to share my most embarrassing moment.

Back in our first year of marriage, the Navy moved us to Charleston, SC from San Diego, CA. I loved it there, and it was a decent drive to our families in MD...not too close, not too far. Our first Memorial Day down south, Rob's dad and wife invited us to meet them at Cape Hatteras, NC for the weekend. Camping. How could we resist. I love the beach, and Rob was excited about spending some Q-time with his father. It was an opportunity to get to know the in-laws better, as well as his younger sister.

So, we drove on up in the middle of the night, arriving early Friday morning pretty much exhausted. After resting up a bit, his dad took us all down to the beach. Some of you may know that you can take 4-wheel drive trucks onto the beach out there, and that is THE way to get to the best beaching and fishing spots. So off we went, Rob's stepmom, Rochelle, his sister, Cherie, and I ready for some tanning, and Rob and his dad anxious to try out some fishing.

Back then, pre-kids, I actually had a cute little figure. Of course, I didn't think so then, but man, looking back, I would love to weigh and look like that again. I was still comfortable wearing a bikini. It was one of those late-80's tube style tops with the tie in the middle. I had unhooked the tie from around my neck and laid down on my tummy.

I absolutely LOVE that baking on the beach feeling...the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, the sea breeze in my hair. Totally basking in the gorgeous late Spring day, I was oblivious to the fact that my husband was making his way toward us with a 15 inch sand shark on his line.

Cherie starts yelling. I look up, then jump up. To my horror, the back clasp on my top gives way at that precise moment, and gravity sucks the bikini top into the sand while this chick jumps to her feet.

Oh, and did I mention that a truck load of guys drove by at the same exact moment?

"WOO-HOO!" they yell, waving their arms in the air. I grab my top, now covered in sand, drop back to the towel and try desperately to put the dumb thing back on.

And where is my protector, my knight in shining armor, guard of my virtue? Walking back down the beach, chuckling. I quickly surmise, HE DIDN'T SEE WHAT HAPPENED!

I think to myself, "Shew. No one I actually know saw what just happened." I begin to recover in relief. Then I hear my sister-in-law cracking up. "Mom, did you see Nicole? Oh, man, that was so funny! Her top fell right off!" On and on she went. At that point, what else can a girl do but laugh along.

What an initiation into the family.

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