Monday, Jul. 01, 2002 || Facing the world without my face

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Today I did something that was a big step for me, but will probably sound pretty dumb to most.

I went to a restaurant wearing a ball cap and no make-up.

OK, some of you out there are now saying, "Yeah. So what?"

I have to confess. I am vain. I do not leave my house without make-up on. If I happen to need to leave without it, I will apply it in the van. Or put on sunglasses and wear them even inside so that no one sees my naked eyes. I even got up early enough on each of the days my three children were induced, very pregnant, and showered, curled my hair, and put on some make-up...just to sweat it all off in labor.

Told you.

I am either very vain or need to be committed.

But today, I turned a new leaf. I broadened my horizons. I braved the world without my "face" on.

We took the kids to the community pool this afternoon. It is actually quite nice and recently redone with water slides, whirl pool, lazy river, and jungle gym/tire swing/kids' slide right in the water.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I did have make-up on when I got there.

Hey, I had to take Parker to the dentist this morning, so I got up and did the girl thing, even though I did wear a ball cap because I ran out of time to finish my hair. But I can live with the ball cap, as long as I have time to make up the face. Priorities, you know?

Swimming and make-up just don't mix, and after one short jaunt in the pool, it was a blackened puddle under my eyes. But it's "OK" to be make-up free when you are at a pool. It is expected. It is socially acceptable.

OK, OK, you're right, I wore my sunglasses the rest of the time.

We stayed for over 4 hours. And of course, by that time we were all famished. And without thinking, I suggested Denny's rather than a drive-thru, grab-a-bite-and-take-it-home place.

Truth is, the kids eat free at Denny's, so I forgot all about the fact that I was foundation and mascara free. The prospect of feeding a family of five at a sit-down, we-serve-you diner for about $10, including the tip, rendered me with temporary amnesia.

That is until I glanced in the mirror so conveniently placed by our booth.

Good thing I have a strong stomach. I am just not one of those "just came out of the sun and looking like a sun-kissed dream" kind of women.

Ah well, at least the pancakes were good!

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