Friday, May. 03, 2002 || New template....why a goldfish bowl?

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Inquiring minds want to know...why a goldfish bowl?

(Well, maybe not, but work with me here!)

Many of you know that my hubby is a pastor. Life in full-time ministry can put you, and your family, under mega-scrutiny. You are watched, examined, judged, sometimes unfairly. And at times you feel as if you are under a microscope, or behind glass...

Or in a goldfish bowl.

People may actually say things like, "No other pastor's wife that I have had would say (or do) that!" Or they feel they have liberty to comment on your latest hairstyle, clothes, if you have, or have not, gained or lost weight ("Oh, you got your hair cut. I thought you were a guy from the back.").

Life isn't all bad though, and sometimes being "watched" can actually spur one to accountability. And accountablity isn't a bad thing.

But let me just say here that if you know a minister's wife and/or his kids, remember that they are just normal people too...folks with dreams, burdens, joys, sorrows, frustrations. Do not put them on a pedestal, for eventually they will fall. Go to them personally and privately if they have done something you do not understand. Honor them, yes, if they are serving God honorably.

Love them. Encourage them.

Cheer them on.

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