Sunday, Dec. 05, 2004 || What are they thinking?

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Okay, I can admit it.

Perhaps I am slightly neurotic when it comes to Christmas lights.

But, come on, folks, I am all for holiday cheer and all that hullabaloo, but could you please decorate in an organized fashion?

Here's the thing. I personally do not like Christmas lights that blink. It's just not my preference.

I know, I know, bah, humbug, eh?

But even worse? Christmas lights that do not blink in tandem. Or only half of them blink. Or they blink in different ways, some twinkling, some completely on and off...

You get the picture.

Add to that, unsynchronized blinking Christmas lights that are not the same color.

(Visual Nacwolin running, Grover-style, screaming down the street.)

It would seem that our new neighbors across the street, the very ones who have a penchant for parking their vehicle directly in front of their door, on the lawn, have decided that blue blinking icicle lights look great so long as the final strand blinks both blue and white.


What are they thinking?!

There needs to be a "What Not to Decorate Your House With" show.

Neurotic, I know.

I think I'll go count my cereal boxes now.

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