Friday, May. 21, 2004 || Translation: bite me

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My review has come and gone. BossMan was stingy with the praise aside from my great work ethic (yeah, try to get someone else in here to carry a pager 24-7 every other week for what I make an hour) and my dependability (my salaried butt is averaging 43 hours a week right now, not including that pager time).

The "commission" I am supposed to start getting will only be about $200-300 a month. And as to the hourly rate, he might as well have said bite me, because that is what his refusal to give me an increase really means.

He can negotiate with our associates to get them more and he can pay our temping admins more, but one of his lowly staffing coordinators isn't even worth the minimum average for the state.

So, yeah, the review didn't go that great, but hey, what a fun 5 weeks it will be when my June 4th resignation date has come and gone and he has that place to himself with no staffing coordinators at all.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Sing it, baby.

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