Thursday, Nov. 20, 2003 || Bit by bit it's a cinch, right?

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The good news is, Rob has a job in VA.

The bad news is it pays about 14K less per year than we really need AND there are no benefits.

The frustrating news is, this has been the best offer to date!


I am trying to stay upbeat and positive. This is something. He is still looking, still putting out résumés.

He may have to go to VA without us, especially if we don't get a contract on this house soon. Like in a few days.

Did I mention no one has come to see it since Sunday?

Double acckk.

I did find out that I may be able to get a part time job at the same bank my mom works for (different branch, of course). They have benefits with just 20 hours a week. If I can secure bennies with a part time job, that will really help.

Not sure how that will affect college, however.

Another interesting development is that the part time youth pastor at the church (about 30 hours per/week) may have to move overseas: his wife is in the military and that is where they are trying to transfer her. She is trying desperately to get orders in that area, but so far they are sending her far away. The have kiddos, so of course, he will go with her.

That would open up a part time staff position at the church at just slightly less annually than the job Rob just got. But with 10 less hours to work, he might be able to work a part time job as well.

So, some things are falling into place, but still a lot of uncertainties.

Let me take the time to thank those of you who have been praying for us.

And M, I love herbal tea; I really like the green tea varieties, so thanks for the suggestion, sweetie.

I really need to walk off some of this stress on my 'mill...

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