Monday, May. 05, 2003 || BIG boo-boo

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I feel like a total heel.

On Thursday, when we picked Parker up from school, his teacher asked us if we were going to come to the Volunteer Appreciation Brunch at 10:00 AM on Monday. We hesitated, then said, yes, we would be there. She literally squealed with glee.

Guess what time I woke up this morning?

10:30 AM.

Guess what time I remembered the brunch?

10:50 AM.

Man, I hate when someone tells me they are going to be somewhere or do something and they don't. And now I have done it to someone else!

I feel like a big jerk.

I will apologize tomorrow when I dropped Parker off, but I am SO kicking myself for forgetting this thing.

Mondays stink sometimes!

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