Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004 || "You are to me!"

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It’s Spirit Week at K’s school this week. You know, that week when kids are encouraged to dress goofy or in accord with some theme. A lot of fun for the kiddos, but often (I now realize) a hassle for parents trying to help gather together formal wear that is still school-appropriate or that perfect 70’s outfit.

(Which, by the way, why choose that decade? Don’t they all already dress like that, just revamped a bit? One word: ponchos.)

Tomorrow is “Famous Person” day. K, in a determined effort to again extend her school night curfew, attempted to distract me last night by asking how she could dress for that day. I was not buying into it (“we have tomorrow to come up with something, honey”) and was mildly distracted when she said brightly:

“I know! I can dress up as you!”

“K, I am not a famous person.”

“You are to me!”

“You are sweet. Thanks.”

She smiled broadly.

“But you still need to go to bed now.”

So, the question is, was that a sentimental, mom-and-preteen bonding moment or an attempt to distract me further from reminding her that it was already past her bedtime?

You be the judge.

(But I think I’ll bask a little in the sweetness of it, even if I am being a bit naive.)

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