Wednesday, May. 22, 2002 || I really don't know!

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My birthday is less than a week away, and my darling hubby asked me today what I would like.

And you know what?

I have NO idea!

I am flirting with the idea of flowers for the front flower bed, but that seems such a boring birthday gift (no offense, Marn). I thought about some new exercise duds, but truth of the matter is, if I find some I happen to like I will just purchase them. I have the long-awaited treadmill and a new van, so....

You know, it is kind of nice to not be dying to have something.

So, your assignment. Help me figure out what I can tell my sweetness that I would like for the turn of yet another year here on this planet. Of course, keep it fairly inexpensive (under three digits - we live on a pastor's income, ya know!)...I don't want to break the bank!



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