Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006 || Momma needs prayers

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If you are the praying kind...

My mom has worked at a bank for about 20 years now. She is an excellent employee, and we always joke that she is the honesty and fairness queen - as a matter of fact, Rob and I trust her so much she is on our checking account so that we qualify for a no-fee account.

Last week, she came up $2000 short when she proved out. On Tuesday, they placed her on a 5-day paid administrative leave. And auditor came in that day and could not find the money either. If it does not turn up, she will lose her job and possibly all her retirement benefits.

PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS MONEY TURNS UP!!! She can not afford to lose her job. And she is just sick over this, as you can imagine. No one believes she took the money, BUT if they can't find it, she will be let go.

We appreciate any and all prayers over this situation.

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