Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007 || Bait and switch?

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I am trying to withhold judgement until I know all of the facts, but...

I have been sorely missing being a part of a good ladies' Bible study. I've inquired about such several times in the 14 months we've been here to no avail, even when Rob was part time staff at the church.

Today there was an announcement in the bulletin about the First Place Bible Study with a blurb about it being a system that incorporates Bible Study, Scripture memorization, prayer, and balanced eating and exercise plans. For 13 weeks. On another night of the week beside the night we are already supposed to attend, which has probably the driest, most life-sapping study I've ever been a part of.

I have nothing against any of those 5 things listed in said blurb. As a matter of fact, I am a huge proponent. But something about the wording and who one of the leaders is made me curious as to what it is really going to be like.

So, I went to the website and at the very top of the page it announces how this is a Biblical weight loss program.

A year ago, I would have been all about this. But I've been at a good weight for 10 months now, and though I have slacked off since school started, I still try to exercise and maintain a decent level of fitness.

Upon a bit more research, I have discovered that if they are going to do this "right", it will involve an $80 member kit. Or, if history repeats itself, they will go "ghetto" and make illegal copies and such of one set of materials, which I have a problem with (copyright laws and all that, doncha-know).

Either way, there is an orientation meeting next week, and now that I've looked at the website, I am thinking that if I went to that and found out this was basically the Christian version of Weight Watchers and heard that if I want to participate "please pay us $80, thank-you-very-much" I wouldn't be very happy. I'd rather use that toward a gym membership or some new running shoes.

When I think of Bible study, I am thinking $10-20 bucks for a discussion guide. If this is indeed going to be a significant cost type o' deal, can't they let us know that in the first place? And at $80, this seems to be more about weight loss with Christian principles than a Bible study.

Now that I think about it, I am sure that part of the idea is to get us TO the orientation to watch the video, sell us the idea, and THEN we will SEE how great a deal $80 is...

Of course, wouldn't you know that one of the leaders is not only a staff member, but the pastor's daughter, who recently lost 15 lbs and still wants to lose more.

Why does this reek of special interest group to me?

I just want a good Bible study. Like a Beth Moore one. Discussion groups. Insight for living. Authenticity. Friendships.

I am so weary of pet projects being disguised as encouraging church members to be more committed to spiritual growth.

End of rant.

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