Saturday, Jun. 05, 2004 || Needing an attitude adjustment

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I have a headache and just feel out of sorts today so I am having trouble getting motivated. I am not sure what my deal is - hormones, hubby being gone (and found out today that he has to fly straight from Houston to another city, either tonight or tomorrow, rather than coming home in between - blech!), post-resignation let down, post-rainy day let down, the fact that I have to do something to get my fitness back on track (I've gained at least 12 lbs since the move and am back over my original 2-years ago weight loss goal!)...

Man, someone give me some cheese to go with my whine! I do have much to be thankful for. I get to be home with my kids again. Even though hubby is gone, it is a promotion and gives him more job security in this ever-fluctuating job market. We had a wonderful holiday weekend getaway last week. The kids and I celebrated my new "freedom" with dinner and icecream last night.

Must. Focus. On. Those. Things.

I need to go to WallyWorld for some miscellaneous stuff. Not the place one wants to go around here on a Saturday. Our yard is a M E S S. Marn, oh, Marn, gardening and landscaping goddess, where are you when I need you?!

I am really trying to make myself believe that this hubby-traveling-all-the-time thing is not that big of a deal. I was a military wife for 5 years, for goodness sake!

Oh, I forgot to share what I found out at work yesterday. BossMan has started staffing coordinators at the same stinkin' hourly rate, or less, for 4 years now! Oh. My. Goodness. No business sense at all. I mean, come on, he could have kept me for 2 more weeks for an additional $80 bucks a week! Or, if he had his senses about him, knowing I was able to review resumes, make calls, and set appointments from home, one might think he would contract with me to do that for a couple hours a day till Sass comes back and when/if they have another SC trained.

Bossman, here's your sign.

He did give me an exit interview form to fill-out, some voluntary separation thingy - how honest should I be, boys and girls?

Sass has also invited me to meet her for lunch this week. I really should do that. Just not sure how much of a company girl she really is. I think that when she comes back, her little angel in daycare, she may have a whole new outlook on how he takes advantage of folks.

Then again, they are neighbors. Literally. That's how she got the job in the first place. Who knows what her true motivation is.

Enough of that. I am free! No more pager, no more stupid clients or irresponsible associates. BossMan can have it all!

Man, I really need an attitude adjustment. Anything else I can complain about...

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