Friday, Sept. 10, 2004 || What a difference a day makes

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Today is shaping up to be much nicer than yesterday. Actually, yesterday wasn't bad, it was just...annoying.

Parker was in tears all morning, overtired and cranky and proclaiming, "6 hours of school is just too long!!" The washing machine broke with a load of towels in it. Rob was on my last nerve. It was a leaky, humid-y day. And as usual, the normal we-are-children-hear-us-bicker record played on and off throughout the evening.

When I woke up this morning, I turned the dishwasher on and water started puddling on the floor!

I was thinking, "Alright, what's next?"

(I don't mean to sound like a whiner; I know it could be so much worse. I could live in FL...)

But alas, the dishwasher was a simple rubber insulation problem - it had popped out, so all fixed now! The washer too is fixed thanks to a prompt repairman, and at about a third of the cost of a new one (woohoo!).

Parker woke up happy and ready for school and excited that he would be buying lunch for the first time ever.

And I am not feeling quite as cranky toward the spousal unit either, though I will say that so far we are only communicating via e-mail today.

But despite that, I am happy to report that the grandmother is flying down in a week and half so that we can take our "anniversary" trip. I am going to have to think of something nice to do for her since she is using much of her vacation to do this for us (though don't feel too bad for her, the woman gets 26 days off a year).

I have a dinner "date" with some chums from my community group tonight, and I think I am finally getting the motivation back to start painting again (though I wouldn't hold your breath if I was you!).

And now I think I will grab a light lunch and go for a bike ride before the boys get home. It is gloriously sunny and lovely out there.

Oh, and I should mow the lawn. But my tennies are wet. Perhaps the budding jungle can wait another day.

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