Friday, May. 27, 2005 || I think I'll do it again next year

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I guess I should clarify a little.

I don't feel old. And I realize that 35 is just a number and has nothing to do with how I feel or who I am.

But the number itself, 35, just sounds so much older than 34. I am not sure why, but it does.

I know, I have issues.

Truly, I am loving my 30's. I am in a much better place in my heart and head.

And at the risk of TMI, the sex is just so much better.

That's all I will say about that.

So, in essence, I really don't feel bad for being 35. Perhaps it is simply the fact that this year I became a mom of a teenager, I turned 35, and every freakin' kid I teach at that middle school could be my child.

That's just a bit weird.

~ ~ ~

The kids and I drove up to MD Wednesday night so that we could see Mar and crew when they flew in yesterday. We did the whole mother/daughter, then 4-generational picture thing. Rob drove down from PA in time to take me to dinner at the buffet that hosts my favorite dessert in the world, which I of course, consumed first.

I learned that no matter how old I get, I am still embarrassed when a plethora of waitresses come to the table with cake and candle and sing loud to me.

Now Rob and I are in PA in a lovely hotel for the long weekend, just the two of us. We aren't too far from Jen's old stomping grounds.

So, if turning 35 means I get to eat dessert first, see my sister and her kids, and spend a long weekend with my honey, I think I'll do it again next year.

~ ~ ~

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