Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003 || Another addition!? and other news

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We have yet another new addition to our family.

Enough is enough, huh?

I am quite pleased about this one, though. It is fun and practical and much needed.

Is the suspense killing you?

(Probably not, but humor me, m’kay?)

I love this thing! I think I prefer it over our van. And the gas mileage rocks to the tune of like 31 city as opposed to the guzzler-on-wheels (that would be our van) at a whopping 12-14 mpg.

Shoot, we could perhaps even afford the fuel in Canada with this baby!

Oh, yeah, it is a 2000 Honda Civic LX.

In other news, I have the head cold from hell. Or perhaps it is allergies. I am just not sure, but we did rule out strep with a test yesterday.

So, yay for that.

I am getting along swimmingly at school, getting all A’s thus far. But my insanely competitive nature when it comes to grades is probably going to cause me an ulcer. Which, by the way, we learned today in Human Bio is probably not the cause of ulcers. More like poor eating habits and bacteria. So, I guess if one is under stress and doesn’t eat properly, an ulcer may insue. Which in a round about way still means stress=ulcer.

Where’s the pepto-bismol?

I broke down today and finally bought some more cereal. Hey! We were down to like 10 or less boxes downstairs. I was breaking out in cold sweats just thinking about it.

Just kidding.

Really, though, who could pass up THREE (count ‘em, three!) boxes for $2.78? And the other box was less than $2 because of my handy-dandy coupon.

And Rob didn’t even snicker when I came in the door.

Good thing or I might have to withhold, well, you know.

Kidding, honey! Love you, mean it!

And finally, some not so good news.

We have experienced the first loss through death of a church member since coming here in 1999. Though James had congestive heart failure, it still came as a shock to us.

Rob will take part in the memorial service, along with his son’s and mother’s pastor, probably on Saturday.

This has all been a bit much, you know? Four deaths in the past 4 months is quite enough, thank-you-very-much.

When you think of it, say a prayer for Betty (his mom) and Shane (his son) Smith at the loss of their son/father. And for our church family too.

Big smooches to you all.

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