Monday, Nov. 10, 2003 || Can we say, "running game", boys and girls?

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Actually attending a pro-football game is, in my humble yet accurate opinion, kind of over-rated.

At home, I don’t have an obnoxious, mulleted, head of a male body part sitting behind me with loud, running commentary nor showing the extent of his vocabulary in four-letter explicatives. At home, I do have a comfy sofa with a fuzzy blanket to curl up under. And I can scream for the Ravens as much as I darn well please.

Not that I couldn’t cheer for them in Rams land, but it is a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by a sea of navy and gold, watching your team fumble and bumble about the turf.

Sigh. They really, really, really should have won that game. It was so, so sad! Can we say “running game”, boys and girls? How about “Jamal Lewis”? Stick with what works, people!

Actually, it wasn’t all bad. I did have fun. It was a really cool experience to be in the Dome and watch everything unfold live and in full color before my eyes. Jamal Lewis and Ray Lewis are as amazing to watch live as they are on the screen at home. And some of those Rams players ain’t too shabby either! Given the fact that we are leaving, and St. Louis is a great sports town, I am glad I was able to be at a Rams game, even if they did beat my team.

On the way out I did see one Ravens fan, complete with helmet and purple camies. He patted my back in a fatherly gesture of comfort as we lamented our team’s poor performance.

Then he staggered down the stairs. Good thing he had that helmet, ‘cause the way he was walking, he was an accident waiting to happen.

Now my new goal is to attend a Ravens game in Baltimore so that I can watch them there and feel what it is like to be surrounded by black and purple freaks rather than blue and gold ones.

Oh, yes, we were in the nosebleed section. At least it was a good glute workout going up and down the hundred or so stairs. (Okay, so I am exaggerating a little…)

Jen and Pat. The obnoxious male body part was actually sitting directly behind Jen. Lucky girl, eh?

See?! I really did wear my Ravens shirt! Rob was wearing my Faulk jersey. He said he kept his coat on because he was cold, but I think it was because he was really inwardly cheering Jamal on since he is on his fantasy team. Moving to the east coast should help me convert him completely over to the Ravens, ya think?

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