Friday, Aug. 15, 2003 || It's gotta be the PMS

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Just as I can hardly resist a sale on cereal, coupled with a coupon…

(which, by the way, I have withstood the urge to buy more to add to the 23 boxes currently in the house, though Target has it on sale for a mere $1.79. Be strong, Nicole. Be strong…)

…I can hardly pass up an article of clothing on the clearance rack for under $5.00. And so it was at Wal-mart a few days ago with Kaytlin that I found this little gem:

I am not sure what I like more: what it says or the fact that I actually look like I have a chest when I wear it. Actually, now that I look a bit closer, I am looking kinda lopsided's gotta be the angle. Drats that Rob for not pointing the camera in the right place!

Oh, and I was deemed cool by the daughter. I have been informed that the in-style shirts actually say something on them.

So, go me.

But, what does it mean for a Psych Major to wear a shirt like this…?

Moving right along…

I have deemed yesterday last-day-of-freedom day. Rob takes Thursdays off. Well, he has the day-time hours off; we have our weekly church prayer meeting in the evening. An-y-way, we decided we would get out of this house yesterday since next week all h-e-double-toothpicks may very well break loose as this chick becomes a student again.

We first headed to Costco to get him a new cell phone. Yes, he is now cool like me with a bodacious flip phone. (Uh, yeah, we are all about the coolness.) The kids started the we-are-dying-of-starvation chant and dance, so we grabbed lunch there. Another of my addictions: Costco’s cinnamon pretzels. Hoo-boy, I don’t even want to know how many calories are in one of those butter drenched puppies.

Bellies full and kids whining, “where are we going now-ow?”, we headed to a mini golf place. I learned a few things while playing.

1. Try to pick a mini-golf course that is shaded if you are going to play mini-golf at 2 PM in Missouri in mid-August.

2. There is a cool little line on the putter that you are supposed to use to line up the putter, ball, and the little hole-in-one thingy. I know, I know, no need to thank me for that all important public service announcement.

3. God allows me to lose most, if not all, of the games I play against Rob because I am a much better loser.

Two words. Strip Speed.

This morning, I managed to drag my hiney out of bed early enough to go on a run. I have a little routine on days such as this. I make myself a cup of coffee, check my e-mail, have my quiet time, and then get my running gear together.

Just before leaving, I plopped back down for a second in front of the computer.


I came up out of my seat, quickly scanning the room and back yard to see what hit the house, who had a gun, what exploded…

A dark, bubbly fluid was quickly materializing next to the fridge. No, it wasn’t fireworks, or another car hitting the neighbor’s fence (again), or a sniper with a high powered rifle (okay, okay, so we watched Phone Booth last night, cut me some slack!).

It was a stinkin’ soda can! Still in the box with 3 or 4 other cans on top of it. Of course, it couldn’t be easy to get to. Oh, no, not for me.

About a dozen paper towels and a hasty wet-mop later, I was out the door and to the track, only to once again feel like my lungs would burst after a measly 2-mile run. Oh, endurance, my endurance where did you go?!

Man, is this entry about randomness or what? It's gotta be the PMS.

I made a new discovery today! Raspberry Milano cookies. Can we say oh lá lá? (Oh, hush, I am getting geared up for my français class on Monday.)

We rented a slew of movies yesterday, the kids each picking out one and then the one for us. When they were choosing the flicks, Rob told the progeny, “I will rent each of you a movie, but you each need to watch all of the movies, together.”

Oh, yeah, forced sibling quality time. What good is it to be a parent if you can’t randomly torture your children?

Actually, the movies they picked were great for their wide range of interests. Except for one.

Kaytlin paid for an extra movie herself, What a Girl Wants. By this afternoon, the other three had been viewed and Kaytlin popped in her chick flick. Parker came upstairs, sort of dragging his feet, his shoulders drooping.

“What’s wrong, buddy?”

“Do I have to watch that movie?”

I gave the little guy a reprieve and told him he could play on the computer. He ran down the stairs with glee, exclaiming, “Boo-Ya! I don’t have to watch that movie!!”

I just love that kid!

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If you are reading this and it is Saturday, Aug. 16th, it's not only the anniversary of "the king's" passing; it's Marlen's birthday - go and leave her some b-day love!

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