Wednesday, Jun. 01, 2005 || If you've passed Bird-in-H@nd, you are on your way to Interc0urse

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Our weekend away was wonderful.

Relaxing. No pressure to go or do or see. We just ďwinged itĒ. And that was really nice.

We did make a point to go into Philly and see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We were too late to get into I-Hall, but we were able to peruse some of the outer buildings.

I am hoping to take the kids back there after school lets out later this month. Iíd like to make it to the art museum next time too.

I canít believe I grew up less than 2 hours away and Iíd never been to that city.

We went to the Lancaster area on Friday, and drove through Bird-in-H@nd and Interc0urse.

Those Amish folk have a way with names.

We also drove down to DE on Sunday to see some friends we hadnít seen in almost 4 years. They took us to lunch and then invited us back for a cookout where I was introduced to ďChicken FootĒ.

And my husband fell in love with another woman.

Her name is Abby. Long brown hair and dark brown eyes. And a really long tongue.

She is about 2 or 3 lbs and less than a foot tall.

Sheís our friendís yorkie.

For those of you who know my hubby, you know that he is not a dog person.

And if what Iíve been told is true, with a going rate of over 1K, he wonít be a yorkie person anytime soon either.

But she was a cutie, and I am not a bit jealous.

After all, I am the one who got to go back to the hotel with him every night.

~ ~ ~

And now it is back to school. Itís June and there are less than 10 class-days in my future.


Itís been fun. But I am ready for summer.

Which reminds me, will someone tell the weather folk that high 50ís for June 2nd in SE VA just ainít right?

~ ~ ~

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