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Last night I stopped by the grocery store to get milk. Of course, there was one of those awesome sales where you can get something for dirt cheap, but only if you spend $25 in additional purchases. This, for me, is a worthy challenge, so off I went, browsing each aisle for cupboard fodder. I like to drool over, I mean, look over the Millstone Sampler Coffees - you know, those cute little bags that make about 8-10 cups. I am currently addicted to all things raspberry, so the "Raspberries and Cream" coffee jumped off the shelf and into my basket...well, actually, I just couldn't resist giving it a try, and I HAD to make that $25 purchase requirement so I could get 10 lbs of chicken for a buck. Priorities, priorities!

I brewed myself a cup this morning, and let me just say....YUM!! Of course, I added non-dairy creamer, a touch of milk to cool it, and some sugar, but wowee, it sure is tasty. I wonder if they sell it in the full size bag.....

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In other news, I just have to report my utter disgust at the fact that what I consider to be THE quintessential 80's rock ballad has been remade, and by a country crooner no less! Yes, my friends, the clueless Leann Rimes thought it might be swell to redo Purple Rain. This is audio adultery! I mean, come on, was this toddler even BORN when the song originally hit the stands!?

Stick with yodeling, Leann, dear!

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And finally...

Why is it that hubbies want their wives to do their "sucking-up" (and, no, Janie, this is not a reference to sex)? Case in point. Today my hubby forgot about a lunch appointment. I think the guy, a local pastor who has been a help to our "toddler" church in the past, tried to call while I was treadmilling. I heard the phone, but chose not to answer it. That's what caller ID is for, right?

Anyway, Hubby drops in for about 2 seconds on his way to an impromptu meeting at a computer store about developing some training classes. A few minutes later he calls from the van.

"Hey, can you look on the caller id for a 399 number? It is so-and-so's cell, I think, and I totally forgot about our lunch appointment."

"Was it on the church line?"

"I think so. Can you call him and tell him..."

"I'm not calling him!?..."

"FINE." Click.

And they say women are hormonal?

Now, some of you may be saying - Nicole, why didn't ya help the guy out? Let me just say that I ABHOR making phone calls like that. And he knows it. And if I forgot an appointment, I would NOT have expected him to make the suck-up, apology call for me.

Was I a bit hasty and harsh? You be the judge.

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