Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005 || Adventures in middle school land

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Yesterday I had two sixth grade classes from the-hot-place. They were horrible, terrible, and a bazillion other negative words I didn't ever want to use in relation to a class I teach.

They plucked my last nerve.

As a sub, I can write detentions and referrals. I generally wouldn't even dream of it. I have found that since their regular teacher knows their history, if I simply leave a little love note about what a snot Johnny was in class that day, Mr. or Ms. Real Teacher can dole out the reprimand as they see fit.

But, oh, if I could have found those detention and referral forms yesterday!

That's the thing, though, isn't it? The day I really, really, really wanted to use some of those babies, they'd up and walked out of the room (i.e., the teacher left in such a hurry as to not blow his cookies in the classroom that he didn't have the time to properly pull together a sub packet).

Today was entirely different. Today I was in Kay's social studies class. I know most of these kids. They know me. We have a rapport, and they were wonderful.


These are the classes that make me want to be a middle school teacher.

Sixth Grade? Not so much.

I was asked if I wanted to be a permanent sub today. Basically I'd work every day at the school and they would send me where they needed me. And if they didn't? Well, I'd get paid to hang out at the library.

Not a bad gig, considering.

But it just doesn't mesh with my current obligations and Rob's ever changing schedule. So, I said no. And I am proud of myself for saying no, though I still feel a teensy-weensy bit bad, because I know that I could be a benefit to the school. I don't say that proudly; it's just the simple truth. I like what I do, the kids generally like me, and so do the teachers.

And I am not quite ready to give up the option of just making myself "unavailable" and taking a day off. Which is what I am doing tomorrow.

Clean house. Walk/run - maybe it will be nice enough outside! Give blood. Relax a bit.

I really have the best of both worlds. I get to teach when I want, and often I get to choose where. I don't have to bring the work home with me. I don't have to grade papers or deal with Mommy-who's-little-Suzy-can-do-know-wrong.

What a difference a year can make!

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