Monday, Aug. 09, 2004 || It's all about the food here

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We didn't do much of anything yesterday, which was actually pretty nice. By the time the dinner hour rolled around, we all decided that carry-out pizza while watching Shr3k 2 in the room was just what the doctor ordered.

I narrowed down the pizza choices to two local restaurants just down the road from the hotel (both boast of "MD's best crabcakes", but that does nothing to sway my family, because they don't fancy such delicacies). One finally edged out the other because temptation got the best of me.

Pam, you are so right; the crab pretzel is incredible. So incredible, that *blush* I ate the WHOLE thing in one sitting.

I don't know who came up with the idea of baking a cheesy crab concoction on top of a huge soft pretzel, but if I didn't know from study that manna tasted like honey, I would say this is what bread from heaven surely tasted like.

Rob would likely disagree, but what does he know, huh? No one knows seafood like Marylanders.

I am actually glad I don't live here anymore, as I am convinced I would weigh 300 lbs. It seems it is all about food in this state, and the more, the better. It is like an artform. And I have a hard time resisting while I am here.

Case in point: for lunch we went to another local place, and I had dessert first. Which I never do, except for when I go there, because they have the rockin-est bread pudding.

Actually, it's the rum sauce that is to-die-for. So much so, I even capped off the meal with a second helping.

Yeah, I need to get out of this state, and quick. And in the meantime, how late is that fitness center open?

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