Thursday, Mar. 06, 2003 || If there wasn't a Charles...

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Yup, I am back in the land of my birth.

It is always sort of an odd touchstone to return “home”. Folks say, “Oh, you are home.” But this isn’t my home anymore. My home is in the Midwest with a cute pastor and three adorable albeit precocious kiddos.

Yet, in some sense this will always be “home”.

I suppose some of it has to do with the fact that my parents still live in the same house. The only house I really remember. Though much has changed, it is always a step back in time.

The flight was uneventful. Arrival a whole 20 minutes early. Though my mom told me to call when I arrived and she would pick me up, she was waiting at the end of the terminal anyway. Which was actually pretty cool.

This is the first trip that Josiah has hugged me on the day of my arrival. What a tow-headed little cutie that one is! Vic and Soph are just as sweet and ornery as ever. It is nice to be around some kiddos and be just an auntie. Spoil and leave. Yup, that’s the ticket.

I did the “good daughter” thing and went with my mom to church last night. All in all, not too painful…that sounds bad, I know, but it is just so different from what I am used to, and I am always afraid I will blurt something and make a scene.

I have my camera so I will try to take lots of pics and post them. I am using Janie’s computer right now; I haven’t tried to hook my laptop up to their cable modem. I have my memory card reader, but didn’t think to bring any floppies, so hopefully I can get online with my computer without any hassles.

Tech support is just a phone call away, though I am told that I suck as a customer.

Oh, and I have to mentioned how great Janie looks! She is gorgeous!

I brought some work with me, so I am going to get to that while Janie is at work. Not to mention, I am boring myself with this entry!

Oh, I asked Sophie how she liked school and she said, “Quite well. Except for Charles. School would be much better if there wasn’t a Charles.”

That kid is a trip!

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