Wednesday, Apr. 06, 2005 || Testing the waters before I jump in

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So, I have officially flipped my lid.

I've agreed to be a long-term sub/PE teacher for the rest of April. Possibly the rest of the year if the teacher goes into labor early (she is already on bed rest with 6 weeks till the due date).

I'm actually excited about it. It's at the most 10 weeks. Could be just the two, then I would likely return for the official leave time.

I will be working alongside Kay's PE teacher. He is easy to work with. All the PE staff is, actually.

And they wanted me to take the job. That makes it very cool. I don't take that lightly, especially since I haven't finished my degree yet.

Speaking of which, God spoke to my heart about something today. For years, ever since Rob finished his BA, any time the "MA" talk came up, I would bristle. You see, we'd agreed that it would be my turn next.

Only seems fair, now, doesn't it?

But God tweaked me on that last week, and I realized that it is right to put my plans on hold a bit longer while he pursues this. Not a denial, just a delay.

This means putting off being a "real" teacher for a while longer.

And then today, I was asked to teach. This isn't your typical a-sub-is-just-a-glorified-babysitter assignment. I will be doing lesson plans, grading, and all the stuff that goes with teaching.

Best of all, I get to try out this career track before I spend a bunch of money getting certified to potentially find out it is NOT what I want to do. How many folks get to say that?

AND I get to wear sweats to work.

Pretty dang cool.

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