Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005 || Lucky number 13

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Thirteen years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed in Ch@rleston, SC, high on Nub@in, awaiting the arrival of our first born.

Less than four hours later she was swaddled in blankets, nestled against me.

A new life. Pure joy. Awe. Love.

It's hard to believe that the same almost-8-lb little-bit is now just a few inches shy of my height. She wears the same size shoe. At her party last night, no less than 3 young men could be characterized as "crushing on her".

I am the parent of a teenager.

How can that be?

There's much that comes with the teen years that is exciting and terrifying. Our child, becoming an adult. Huge decisions to face - college, career, a life mate...

Last winter, K@y went to a seminar called "True Love Waits". She made a pledge that she will wait till marriage to have sex.

This is a decision she came to on her own. To show our support, we gave her a birthstone ring for her birthday. She calls it her "promise ring".

Her best friend asked her about it last night. She said, "It stands for my pledge to myself, God, and my parents, that I want to wait till I get married."

A big decision for a young woman a mere 13 years old. But you know, regardless of how anyone may feel about such a pledge, the fact remains, you can't ever get it back once you give it away. And she wants to wait to give it away.

I am proud of her for that.

She is becoming quite the young woman. And I get to be her mom.


Happy 13th, K@ytlin.

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