Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004 || Everything but my left arm and first born male child

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Yesterday I went to "guest teacher" orientation (isn't that just so PC; they are trying to move away from the term "substitute"). They want everything but my left arm and first-born male child.

Actually, I have most of the stuff together already. Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to have to send off for my college transcript(s) because the online copy doesn't have my social. I just hope the last school I attended can send the list of classes I completed there along with all my transfer credits (which is what the online, good-for-nothing-without-a-social copy shows). Otherwise I will once again need to send off for transcripts from 2-3 previous colleges.

Yeah, being gypsies has it's downfalls, such as having attended 5 colleges and still not having a degree.

Oh, and I have to go for a TB screening tomorrow morning.

I was fingerprinted for the first time in my life yesterday (which I suppose is a good thing, right?). I hope all this effort is worth it and I don't absolutely abhor being a fill-in.

I will probably only sub, I mean guest teach, at the boys' school since they get out before K. I may be able to designate that I can only work till 3 PM and score some partial day assignments at K's school.

(Woohoo! Just talked to admissions at my last school and my transcript will have all transfer credit on it!!! Now I just have to hook up the fax machine...)

Now I just wait on said transcript and get that TB screening tomorrow, and I can submit all the paperwork.

In other news, Rob and I are now scheduled to go to T@mpa/Orl@ndo next week. Of course, that also depends on Jeanne. This hurricane season is really out of control! I suppose if Jeanne heads for the sunshine state, we will go to KC afterall. KC is fine, but the flight schedule for Saturday is not as accomodating as Orl@ndo.

In kiddo news, Kaytlin seems to be enjoying track and was chosen to run the 800. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), her first track meet on Tuesday was rained out.

Nathan is going to start violin classes at the school. He is so excited and he was actually playing something that sounded like music yesterday. He has always had a good ear; this summer he picked out "Piano Man" on the harmonica in a day.

And Parker, well, he continues his love/hate relationship with full-day school. He really likes school, but he does not enjoy the early wake-up call! He is one of those who likes to get up, meander about, eat at his leisure... Kind of tough to do when the bus comes at 7:35 AM!

Sheesh, as much as I hate "run-down" entries, that is what this has turned into. Sounds like my cue to grab a bite to eat and head out for a much needed run.

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