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Day Three Continued
The Grand Canyon

Here they are again, our little darlings, taking a time out in the shade. I would like to tell you that they were absolute angels on the 2 mile hike to Yavapai and Mather Points.

I’d like to.

But alas, they were just…kids. “How much farther?” “I’m hot.” “I’m thirsty.” “I’m hungry.” “Can we catch the shuttle yet?”

Kids being kids.

Moving on, it is at this point in the story, ladies and gentlemen, that Nicole almost lost her lunch.

As we continued to approach Yavapai, we came upon a large rock outlook. It was, of course, off the trail, no fencing or barriers in site, but the view was awesome, and many other canyon visitors were venturing out to take pictures.

Of course, Rob had to join them.

And he took our children with him.

I had to walk away. My knees still feel weak looking at the picture!

To add insult to injury, Rob ventured out a bit farther as I beckoned the kids back to the trail. Some wacko, I mean well-meaning folks, offered to take his picture on the ledge. My stomach continued to churn as I watched him approach the edge, turn toward me, and proceed to throw his arms back as if he was about to plunge backward.

And then he LAUGHED.

That is probably about the closest I have come in our almost 14 years of marriage to actually strangling him. That is, once my head stop spinning and my stomach stopped flipping. I glared at him and gathered up the kids, walking a bit down the trail to wait for him.

As we relayed this story to his step-dad in CA, he said, “But you have to admit, what Rob did, that was pretty good. That’s funny.”

“No, it wasn’t,” I replied matter-of-factly, “because for 5 minutes after that while Rob laughed, had his picture taken, and took pictures of others, Parker recited over and over, ‘Daddy’s gonna fall and get killed. Daddy’s gonna fall and get killed.’”

Yup, what a hoot.

I must be fair and insert here that Rob was a bit chagrined when I shared that little tidbit with him.

After that, Rob stopped aggressively testing my fears, and I settled down a bit. I really loved seeing the Canyon. But it was scary at times having the kids with us. One woman remarked, “I wouldn't bring my kids here! You all are brave!”

Then her boyfriend looked at me and said, “She's not!”

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