Friday, May. 26, 2006 || Two stinkin' pounds...

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I am a little disappointed this morning, because I only managed to get back down to 137, which I hit on Monday. But *officially* that means I am down .5 lb because my Tuesday weigh-in was 137.5.

I hate plateau times – especially when I am just 2 miles away from goal!

So, in the past week:

Weight: 137 (down 1 lb)

Now, this does make me happy – I am 1.25 inches down this week, ½ inch of that from the main *problem* area.

I walked/ran 14.4 miles this week. My distance was down a bit, but yesterday I ran 2.25 miles, which is the farthest I’ve run in a LONG time (I’ve been sticking with 2 miles for the past 3 weeks).

Overall (6 weeks):

- 12 lbs down
- 9.25 inches trimmed
- 85.85 miles ran/walked

This weekend is definitely going to be a challenge. I turned 36 today, which not only means I am getting old, but that I get to pick out my meals for the day. So, I am going to take the kids to Paner@ bread this AM and then tonight we are all going to Tex@s Roadhouse. Tomorrow, Rob is taking me to our favorite Hib@chi place for lunch, since he had to work today.

But, I do have a plan – I already know what I will get at TR (one porkchop, a salad, and chili – which I will have them box up rather than eating it then). I will also only eat one of their incredibly decadent yeast rolls. I will bring home half of my food at Hibachi for later. And this AM...well...I will likely get a bagel and some reduced fat cream cheese, but I am going to try to only eat half of it – they are HUGE.

We are having a cookout on Monday, and I do plan to enjoy myself, but I will also be careful by not eating any of the buns with my burger and/or Italian sausage, making sure there is plenty of salad to snarf (that roughage really fills you up), and making a low fat yogurt pie for dessert. That should leave me plenty of room for some White Zin (that is, if Janie remembers to grab a bottle for me on her way up here (hint, hint).

Wish me good weight loss/maintenance vibes!!

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