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Here are the rules. Go to your archives and copy and paste the first sentence from the first entry of each month of 2006. Has to be the first sentence – not the first funny sentence. Here’s mine...

January: You have got to be freakin' kidding me.

February: School days, school days, a time to begin thinking about what we are going to do next (school) year.

March: "So, do you still have the purse I got you that you didn't like?"

April: Had a nice, albeit tiring, weekend, which started with an overnight getaway.

May: Between trying to wrap up the school year, counting calories, and increasing my running distances (doing well with that) and times (not so well with that), that's pretty much what my life consists of right now.

June: M and several others were totally right - all water retention.

July: The damp stillness of the air was replaced by a gentle summer breeze for the first time in many days (or so it seemed), and so we wandered out to the deck in the late-day gloaming, warm pizza on flimsy paper plates, chilled wine in my glass, coconut rum-laced soda in his.

August: We could see dolphins jumping and playing on Sunday morning (though this picture, taken from our balcony, doesn't do that justice).

September: I've been feeling prickly for the past 24 hours or so.

October: Rob talked me into playing fantasy football with some of the guys in our family this year.

November: What do you think...just what the doctor ordered?

December: Rob's Christmas party was last night, and wow, what a great time!

Is it just me or have my entries gotten a bit dull?


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