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As you could likely tell from my first entry today, at first, things were a bit disconcerting. Though over 30 info sheets have been taken from our info tube, no one had come by in the first 1-2 hours of the Open House.

Eventually, a family of 3 came through the door and looked through the house. They liked what they saw, so we sat down and wrote a contract, save their offer price (they wanted to take it with them and get copies made; we, of course, have not signed anything yet). They seemed VERY interested and want a fast closing. They have been looking for a house in this neighborhood for months (Iíve actually subbed in their sonís classes at the middle school).

It is a bit scarier doing this FSBO - this was my first time writing a contract, and I felt like such a novice...but you could tell they were even more clueless than me.

We were hopeful they would return tonight with their offer, but they did not. However, I did tell them they could come back tomorrow as well, and we are having another Open House from 1-4.

While they did seem genuinely interested, you know how things can go once they leave the house...anyway, it is in His hands, though I have to admit I will be a bit disappointed if they don't come by tomorrow (especially since I sat with them for nearly an hour filling out paperwork! ). In that case, if we don't have another contract, I will follow-up with them by phone.

We want to move forward with all of this quickly. And we did see some more folks stopping and taking literature from the info tube on the sign this evening.

Gosh, it would so rock to have a contract to submit to a lawyer for review on Monday...

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