Monday, Aug. 18, 2003 || Vous desirez? Zzzzzz's

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I am exhausted.

Someone tell me it will get easier with time.

My college student status became official today with a 7:30 AM dose of Human Biology. I am taking that 3 hour course over two days, so the class time was about 1.5 hours.

Not too bad, even for that ungodly hour. I like the instructor. She was interesting and engaging.

I came home and tried to wind down enough to take a short nap.

I was in bed before 11 last night, but it took what seemed like forever to fall asleep. The adrenaline was pumping so much I tossed and turned all night, and each time I woke up, Zorro (that would be our 9-week-old kitten, that yes, we are keeping) thought that was his cue to attack my legs and feet.

No, I am not at all high strung. Ummm…yeah.

Back to the nap. I think I did sleep a little. For whatever reason, probably some psychosomatic, funky, I-have-issues explanation, I can’t seem to take a decent nap on any day but Sunday.

I busied myself with some long overdue housework and tried to read some of my biology book, fixed a gourmet meal for the family (translation: we had Jack’s pizza), and then headed back to the college for round two: French 1.

Oh the joys of a three-plus hour French class.

Actually, it was kind of cool. I think I could order a beverage in French now…

Je vais prendre un café au lait, s’il vous plait.

Writing it out and pronouncing it properly are two totally different things, however.

This class is much smaller than my bio class, and will possibly be even smaller, as some of the students may move up to level two. Though I took 3 years of the language in high school, I do not feel confident enough to try that (though it would mean getting 8 hours completed and only paying for four…alas, one of the downfalls of waiting to go back to school).

So, now I have CDs to listen to and flash cards to make and recitation of merci, je vous en prie, tout de suite, ad nauseaum (the latter will be what my family is sure to feel after a few weeks of this).

On the roster for tomorrow: Human Biology lab at 12:30 PM and Beginning Algebra at 6:30 PM. I will get my x’s and y’s in order then.

For now, it’s time to work on my z’s.

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