Sunday, Jul. 24, 2005 || A contract is a beautiful thing

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We have a contract!! The couple from yesterday returned with an offer.

I will take it to the lawyer tomorrow to review and then, hopefully, we will sign and be on our way.

They offered full price if we paid their closing costs (up to a certain amount). We accepted (though, of course, won't officially sign till it's reviewed); we were offering to pay an agent's commission of about the same amount with a full price offer, so we are right where we want to be.

They want a quick closing and they already have loan approval, so....

This could be it!

Of course, I will continue praying as the days unfold, especially as we schedule and await that all-important appraisal.

We also had another couple come who expressed an interest in submitting a contract, so we’ll see if they do.

Could be fun to have a little bidding war going, eh?

Honestly, if this one goes through, we will walk away with a nice down payment for another home, and I will be happy with that.

Oh, and the position in Roanoke is a no-go. So now it's down to DE (very likely) or PA (the consolation prize).

Crazy days ahead, regardless.

Didn't we just do this like, say, 18 months ago...?

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