Saturday, Dec. 24, 2005 || Second half

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While I sip my coffee, and work my way into an otherwise full day, I thought I'd finish what I started last night (before I was wisked off to the ever romantic and decadent Casa Depot).

2005 in 12 journal sentences (the final six)

July: "The fact is, I want to know what Truth really is without all the cultural and sociological encroachments we have placed upon it."

August: "I feel sort of like that child with the white knuckles and slightly greenish tint, who is nonetheless smiling and nodding yes with everyone else."

September: "So, plop a strong-willed, opinionated, can't-hide-her-true-feelings-to-save-her-life woman into a group of sharp-tongued, insecure, you-should-know-your-place-as-a-woman folk and "Houston, we have a problem"."

October: "And we realized that as cliched as it sounds, we are more in love now than we were 17 short years ago when we said "I do" in another California town."

November: "So, when the words don't come, I am still here."

December: "Call me a prude, but when I hear someone belt out a hymn about the Holy Child, go-go boots and pelvic thrusts just aren't quite what I picture in my mind."

I noticed a decidedly serious turn in tone in the second half of the year's entries. Time to follow what my profile says and really try not to take life so seriously!

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