Monday, May. 06, 2002 || Long awaited Tea

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Today was the long-awaited Tea for all of us "mothuhs". It actually turned out really nice, despite Nathan's teacher's control freak tendencies.

I got there right on the dot of 1 PM, to walk in and see Nathan looking rather glum, shoulders slumped. As soon as he saw me he straightened up and smiled real big.

Poor guy thought I'd forgotten (and boy was I glad I remembered when I did, because I almost did forget - YIKES!).

The event started out with all of the moms working on a picture frame and word puzzles with their kiddos. Then we were summoned outside to the "pod" (big open area with all the classrooms on the perimeter) for the musical tribute. Nathan had a part in the first song, and he was absolutely adorable (don't you know that at 8 years old, he must be SO thrilled that his mom would call him absolutely adorable?).

Next we enjoyed some snacks and they gave us homemade gifts (small candy holder) and cards. The kids also had made portraits of each of us. As we finished up, the teacher read clues the kids had come up with to help us guess which drawing was which mom, sometimes reading or describing what was written or drawn on the mom's shirt.

As soon as she read what Nathan had written on my t-shirt, I knew it was mine.

"Don't Mess With Me. I'm a Mother."

I think that says it all!

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