Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2002 || Parker finds his feet!

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Ever since Parker was about two and his big brother Nathan began playing soccer, Parker imitated the dribbling and goal-scoring, and in quite competent fashion, I must admit. So, Mommy could hardly wait till he was old enough for the Pee Wee Soccer league.

I signed him up in March, and well, you all know the beginning frustrations of all that, but we plodded on and had our first game on April 6th. Proud Mommy and Daddy watched their little guy run out onto the field and proceed to...


play around? do a little Sponge Bob dance?

What? Is this the same kid?


I have to admit, I was a bit chagrinned. But there is always hope for the next game, right?

Game two started out about the same. Parker missed the practice, so he was backed to his wandering look and timid kicks. What happened?!

Fastforward about 10 minutes into the game. Opposing team kicks the ball. Toward Parker.

Parker gets the ball.

Parker dribbles.

Parker scores.


Back to the line.

Opposing team kicks the ball.

Parker dribbles.

Parker scores.


Back to the line.

Opposing team kicks the ball.

Parker dribbles.

Parker scores!

And then the coach takes him out. (Hey, I have to give her a break; this is the learning league, each player is guaranteed 50% playing time no matter how awful they are!)

Just before he was benched, my little guy turned to us with a big smile and gave us the thumbs-up sign.

This momma was too proud!

Parker went on to score 2 more goals. The coaches then decided to try to get him and another player to try passing. Of course, this totally confused him. I could see the little wheels in his head just a-spinnin'.

"What-a-ya mean, pass? I want to get it in the goal?!"

Oh well, at least they won this game, 12 to 6. We aren't supposed to keep score, but who can resist, ya know!?

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