Monday, Apr. 15, 2002 || Quick Update

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OK, so it has been days since I's just been busy here, and haven't had a lot of diary-worthy stuff to write about.

I will take the time to tell you all about Parker's second soccer game in a later entry, but I will say that my little guy did awesome!

~ ~ ~

I got up this morning to get the kids off to school, still virtually wiped out from our Friday trip and the usually Sunday rush. The phone rang at about 7:15 AM; it was our next door neighbor calling to tell me that some busy little bees had fun with paper products in our front yard.

OK, ha-ha, that's funny. I believe they used about 6 rolls. I think it actually would have made me laugh if I wasn't so tired and didn't have a client this morning, not to mention the fact that we live on one of the busiest roads in our town.

Oh, and did I mention that they trampled one of my tulips.

Don't mess with a girl's tulips!

So, we are quite certain we know the authors of the cryptic note attached to the front porch:

"Q: When was the last time you were TPed?
A: NOW!"

And knowing my darling hubby this is just the beginning of all out war.

Updates to follow as events unfold in the days ahead.

~ ~ ~

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