Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2002 || It's only taken 13+ years!

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It's only taken over 13 years, but this Sunday, I finally got him!

A little background information. My darling husband LOVES to take me to restaurants where they will sing to me and overall embarrass me when it is my birthday. There was the year that I made the mistake of choosing a restaurant with live entertainment (at least we sat in a booth the farthest away from the stage). I have been sung to at Olive Garden as well as local favorites here in town.

And it is not only birthday times. There was the first time I went out with his mom and step dad and he, without my knowledge, convinced them it was my birthday. They ran about the restaurant arranging the birthday song and sundae. When the wait staff scurried over to sing, I was so embarrassed I could not speak. Rob immediately began to eat the sundae once they were done.

"I didn't know it was your birthday!" his mom excitedly exclaimed.

"It's not."

Mom and Step-dad look at Rob, puzzled. "I just wanted some icecream," he replied nonchalantly.

And who can forget last year at my favorite Mexican restaurant..."oh, let's go out and get Mommy a birthday dessert." Yeah, uh-huh. How much he and the kids enjoyed the Mexican tune and sombrero on my head.

Well, this year, darling dear hubby got his due! And not only did we catch him totally unaware, approximately 20 of our friends were there to witness it. Oh the sweet smell of success (not to mention taste of fried icecream).

Actually, I can't believe I pulled it off. We had alot of out-of-town guests in for our organization Sunday at the church. Rob suggested our favorite Mexican restaurant. Great food, good prices, nice atmosphere. As we sat eating, it suddenly hit me. "His birthday is tomorrow...the sombrero...the singing..."

He was so engaged in conversation with our out-of-town buddies, that our good friend, Jonathan, covertly told our waiter, in spanish, that we had a birthday boy among us. Rob turned around at the exact moment the staff was approaching with dessert, bongos, tamborine, and sombrero. It was EXCELLENT!

Actually, I think he rather enjoyed the attention.

Yesterday was actually his birthday. He chose his favorite steakhouse for dinner, The Texas Roadhouse. The kids were in tow.

When we got there, he said, "Now, you got me yesterday, so we aren't going to say anything today, right?" In all honesty, I had decided to spare him. Twice in two days would reek unspeakable birthday embarrassment to me for years to come.

Our waitress saunters over (hey, it's Texas Roadhouse, they are required to saunter). No sooner does she say hello that our outspoken 8-year-old son announces...

Yup, you guessed it.

"Today's my dad's birthday!!!"

Did you know that make you sit on a saddle at Texas Roadhouse while the entire establishment yells "Yee Haw!"?

Ah, the joy of mastering the master!

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