Tuesday, Apr. 02, 2002 || A family day

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Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break for the kiddos, and their last day off until Memorial Day, so we took a drive to Grafton and Alton, IL. To get there from here, you get to ride on two cool ferries, both over the Mississippi River. The kids love that part!

Our kiddos - The Golden Eagle Ferry - 4/1/02

We'd been to Grafton before, and once again visited The Fin Inn, a restaurant with a bunch of fish tanks full of huge fresh water fish. The food was good, but the service, in my opinion, was lacking. I think they gave us aquarium water to drink so that we would buy sodas, which were not refillable. I guess I am just so used to chain restaurants having all you can drink sodas and allowing substitutions for sides if they are the same price. Yup, I am a little spoiled!

We drove on out to Alton, looking at the Clark Bridge, a really cool cable stay bridge, which just happens to be the only one like it in the world, and then on to the monument of the tallest man who ever lived (which was made at his exact size), born and raised right there in Alton (He was 8' 11.1" tall). The kids thought that was really cool.

After that we drove on back home, stopping off at St. Louis Bread for dessert. So, I got my Blueberry Raz Trio fix - yay for me!

Enough of the boring, day-run-down update. I will try to be more creative tomorrow (wink).

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