Monday, Apr. 01, 2002 || Easter morning

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Here's a pic of the happy crew after seeing what the Easter bunny brought...

Kaytlin, Nathan, & Parker
Easter 2002; 3/31/02

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All in all we had a pretty good day yesterday. I won't bore you with a long rundown of events, but in summary, there was a good crowd at church with several new faces; we went out to lunch (yummy bbq brisket - now doesn't that sound like traditional Easter fare?); I still baked a honey ham, which we snacked on later; three of our buds came over in the evening and we played Yahtzee, laughed a bunch, and ate warm, homemade cookies.

Parker anxiously awaited Pat's (a friend of ours from church) arrival all day. "Where's Pat? When's he coming over? Why is it taking so long?" This went on at regular intervals from about 1 PM till 6 PM.

Of course, when he did arrive, Parker looked up at him and said, "How'd you get here so fast?" As Janie said...oh the things that come out of a four-year-old's mouth!

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