Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2002 || Could I just rant a little?

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Many of you know that my husband's vocation is that of pastor. Now, some of us who have attended a church with a married minister for a good part of our lives probably have some ideas about who a pastor's wife is. I can remember thinking that my first pastor's wife was so perfect. She probably never got angry with her husband; she always had a smile on her face; she faced every adversity with courage; her children adored her.

Well, I am here today to burst that stinkin' bubble!

Sometimes I really think God made a mistake (that is said tongue-in-cheek, of course) when he chose me to be a pastor's wife. I am so far from perfect, so often less than gracious, I know I get on my kids nerves at times (probably a lot more often than I care to realize), and did I mention that the man who I have pledged to love, honor, and cherish can really get my dander up?

Case in point...

And by the way, if I am just being whiny, please refrain from telling me, as I really just need to get this off my chest so I can go on with my day...but if you agree with me, please tell me (hee hee)!

Last night in this lovely metropolitan area of the midwest in which we live, just before hitting the sack for the evening, I gazed out our back doors to see that, despite the fact that it is SPRING, at least a half an inch of ice was covering our patio. The weather forecast was calling for this mess to continue through the night, turning to snow at some point, concluding with 1-2 inches of fluffy white stuff on top of ice.

OK, that sounds like one messy commute if you ask me.

Now, if your office was in your home, would you CHOOSE to go out in that stuff the next morning for a meeting that could easily be rescheduled? Now, I understand that most folks work, most would have to go out and brave the conditions. But my darling spouse works here. He does not have to leave the comfort of his home office on a morning such as today's.

After looking at the mess in our backyard, I expressed my concern about the condition the roads would be in this morning, saying that he should probably reschedule. Why risk life and limb over a meeting that could be moved to a later date and time? May I add to this the fact that we have a rear wheel drive vehicle that doesn't even handle rainy weather well?

He blew me off by joking about my concerns, so I pouted off to bed. To me, this was so much bigger than just a difference of opinion.

Not too longer after, the darling spouse comes to bed. He decides to squeeze me to death so that I cannot fall asleep and further tease me about how I felt about the whole thing. So what did I do? The mature thing, of course...

I grabbed my pillow and went to the bottom bunk of the boy's room so I could actually get some sleep.

So, this morning when I got up he called me grumpy and told me, basically, that I was silly for pouting, that I shouldn't have walked off (God forbid one get some sleep), and that I just couldn't deal with not getting my way.


Why are men so stinking dense?

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