Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2002 || Now I feel sheepish....

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Do you all remember the scene in Aladdin where the genie (gotta love Robin Williams in that part!) says, "now I feel sheepish"? OK, well, that is me today.

After my ranting yesterday about my favorite guy not taking me out in over a month, my pouting about the house all day, moping along with the dreary, rainy weather, I soon found out that he had a date planned for us last night.

(Nicole blushes and bites her lip...)

Why do they have to go and do something sweet just about the time you are getting really ticked off at them? Huh, huh? Do they have some super secret radar that says, "Let's see, how can I make the little wifey feel like a PMSing airhead?"

Well, anyway we had a nice evening just the two of us taking a trip to Sam's (haven't I told you we really know how to party?) and then dinner at Red Robin, where I totally blew the fitness/diet thing by eating a huge gourmet cheeseburger and a bunch of steak fries.

Which reminds me that I really need to get on the treadmill and try to burn some of those calories before they permanently settle on my thighs.

We finished off the evening by renting and watching an incrediblly stupid movie, Rat Race. For those of you out there who may have liked this movie, sorry. But it was just way too....too...I don't even know if there is a word to describe it. And of course, I got harrassed because I picked it.

So, I can now report that I am happily content concerning the date-night thing again, at least until another month has passed. But actually, it is my "turn" to do the planning so I shouldn't have to wait that long. I think those of us of the fairer sex are much more resourceful when it comes to things such as this, ya know?!

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