Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2002 || Feelin' like one of SpongeBob's crabby patties!

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OK, so I admit it. I am feeling crabby today. It is gray and rainy out. And chilly. Typical March-in-Misery type of weather. And my mood matches it!!

So, why? I am not really sure. I want to say that it is because my darling hubby has not planned a date for us in over a month. Now maybe some of you are thinking, so what? Well, to me it is a big deal (Nicole pouts). We went out on Valentine's Day...I planned it. And I am ok with a once-a-month, actually-leave-the-house, get-the-kids-a-sitter date. Some friends of ours actually have a date night once a week. While that would be nice, I really don't expect that. But as I look at the calendar, I see that it is over one month.

OK, so I know that I can choose my mood. Really, I can. And I am choosing to be miffed, by golly! I feel like Marn's rooster friend!

Let me add a disclaimer. We both have been making a concerted effort to spend at least an hour together in the evenings. And we usually hit at least 4 out of 7, which, pardon my Arkansasese, "ain't too bad" considering our schedules and commitments. But there is just something about actually going out together, no kids, no phones, just the two of us. And I miss it.

Oh, and let me add that I have let him know how I feel, and I was informed that the more I bring it up the longer it will be before we go out.


So, what's a gal to do? C'mon ladies, how about some input?

~ ~ ~

In other news, I made it to the treadmill today - yay, Nicole. One mile. And I had my shake. I have actually been doing pretty good watching what I eat, just not always making it to the treadmill.

~ ~ ~

Well, folks, I will no longer bore you with my angst over lack of dating-ness from the man I have pledge to live the rest of my life with. I will try to come back next time with much wittiness and frivolity, oh-kay?!

~ ~ ~

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