Saturday, Mar. 16, 2002 || Almost Four...

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My baby is almost four.


In a matter of minutes, the clock will usher in a brand new day. And four years ago on that day, my baby was born.

Number three. Last, but not least.

Parker Daniel has always had an infectious smile and mostly sunny disposition. As he has grown, he has come to enjoy making everyone else laugh. I think his smile is the thing I love the most about him. But there is so much more to love.

If I ask him, "Do you know what I need?", he is quick to reply, "A kiss and a hug!" and wrap his arms around my neck and give me smooches with abandon. And I am not so niave as to think that this will continue through his life.

Four years old. Full fledged preschooler. That means kindergarten is just around the bend. Mom isn't always going to be his best girl. Slobbery, giggly kisses will be replaced with quick pecks on the cheek.


My baby is almost four.

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Today, Parker received a memory for his birthday, a day early. Rob's mom and step-dad, better known around here as Mee-Mee and Paw-Paw, sent him a balloon bouquet.

Nineteen colorful balls of helium dancing in our livingroom along with one almost-four-year old.

The simple joys of childhood.

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