Saturday, Mar. 16, 2002 || I didn't apply for this job!

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Thought I'd make a quick entry before turning in for the night...or should I say morning?!

Much of my day today was filled with reviewing long legalized documents called The Constitution and Bylaws for Nonprofit Religious Organizations. A real barn burner, no? Yup, I know how to get wild with my day.

Rob and I spent several hours pouring over several documents in order to formulate one document that will serve as the C & B for the church when we organize in April. And guess who got to do all the editting? Uh, huh.

I said, "Hey, how did I get stuck with this?"

Rob replied, "...because you are good at it."

"Well, I am going to need some real pampering when this is done..."

I can report that he bought pizza for dinner...that's a start (Nicole smiles impishly, thinking of the many ways she can make her darling husband her personal love slave).

Perhaps I will fill you in on some of the juicy details later...tee hee!

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