Thursday, Mar. 14, 2002 || My week has pretty much been a bore, and whiny kittens

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Does anyone actually read the titles to the entries? Since mine is not displayed proudly at the top of my entry, I am not sure that anyone does. But what it says today pretty much sums up life in this household this week...pretty much a bore. As far as humorous antedotes and stories goes, that is. I mean, life is just as hectic, and perhaps even a bit more stressful than usual around here. And I have searched diligently for some little speck of frivolity in the mix, but I am hard pressed for laughter fodder.

I suppose everyone has weeks like this, right? And does every entry have to be dripping with fun facts and silly antics. I guess not.

So, anyway...

This is Mittens, our kitten.

Our kitten has discovered that she can get up into the drop ceiling on the lower level of the house. I am just waiting for the day she actually comes crashing through one of the tiles. She has such a loud meow and she just whines and whines when she gets up there. I just want to say, "Hey, dummy, you jumped up there - deal with it!"

I was on the phone with the library the other day and she was up to her usual "Help me, I think I am stuck" meowing and the librarian says, "Aw, you have a cat!" Yup, the kitten was that loud. I have heard people say that when a baby is fussing in the background, but a cat!? And she sounded so pleased, like it was such a great thing to have a loud-mouthed little fur ball.

Case in point why daddies should not be allowed to go into a pet store with their little girls. At least the little girl is old enough to scoop the catbox!

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