Monday, Mar. 11, 2002 || The Monday blahs

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You won't believe how I have been trying to think of a creative, witty entry. It is almost becoming an obsession. But, it is Monday, and I am coming up dry as a bone in the ingenuity department.

Perhaps it is the headache-stuffy-head feeling that was bestowed upon me by our youngest. That'll teach me to share a soda with him at McDonald's, huh? More than just the possibility of backwash in the bargain this time!

It also hasn't helped that I was seriously sleep-deprived this weekend. I have GOT to stop going to bed after 1 AM on Saturday nights. Sundays are just way too busy for us. We left the house yesterday at 9 AM and didn't return until after 7 PM. And then we had company. I was such a vivacious hostess that I fell asleep curled on the couch while they were still here.

Just call me Martha Stewart.

Statement from a show on stress a few years ago: 1 hour of Martha Stewart causes more stress then 1 hour of news.

This is why I do not watch Martha Stewart. All I need is more stress in my life.

Yeah, what-ev-her.

Hey, I did make brownies before I fell into slumber. Yes, they were from a box, but I added some chocolate chips. Does that count? Yup, folks, you can call me the hostess with the mostest!

So, tell me, have you ever fallen asleep in front of people and then woke in a panic afraid that you have drooled on yourself, or some other such embarrassing sleepy-time activity?

That's right, I party hard.


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