Friday, Mar. 08, 2002 || An entry for the sake of having an entry, and the word for the week

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It has been a day or two since I updated, and I wanted to move my Rings page up a bit, and I just can't stand having that as my last entry.

Have I mentioned that I have issues?

So, this is an entry merely for the sake of having an entry.

In other news, I have decided that my word of the week is mackerel.

Yup, you read correctly, mackerel.

Have I mentioned I have issues?

Anyway, my darling baby sister decided to beep me, again. And she always picks these quotes that, well, let's just say that she loves to embarrass me. So, after I found that she had once again beeped me, I called her a mackerel.

Where did that come from...I have absolutely no idea. But I kind of like the way the word rolls off my tongue.

Mackerel, mackerel, mackerel.

Try it today. Life's too short to be be normal.


Have I mentioned........

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