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Monday, 7/22/02
I DID IT! I have finally met (and even exceeded by 1 lb) my weight loss goal of 24 lbs. It took 20 weeks. I will continue to log my exercising, as that is what I will begin to focus on now.

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Since I have embarked on a new fitness regimine, I thought I would keep track of my progress here.

About 2-3 weeks ago, we purchased a treadmill, as I realized that sex is simply not enough of a work-out for this 32-year old body of mine.


Did she just say what I think she said??

Yup, ladies and gentlemen, pastor's wives do have sex (with their husbands of course - hey, how many can say, "I sleep with my pastor" and have no guilt about it?). And you know what, some of us even enjoy it!

TMI? OK, well, back to the subject at hand...

I have been trying to use said treadmill on a daily basis. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not.

So, here is my current condition, physically, and what I accomplish each day. As I have already said, I am 32 years old. I am 5'8" tall. My goals are to lose 10, then 20 lbs, increase my aerobic health, build muscle, and trim inches from my waist and hip/thigh region. I will only update weight and heart rate information if I have lost any; so, if no info, my weight and heart rate are unchanged for the week.

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Week 20 - July 15-July 21
Weight: 129

I finally passed the 130 barrier, with an overall lose of 1.5 lbs. in a week. I have 3 to go and my goal deadline is Friday the 26th.
Monday I walked 1.4 mile in 23 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. Tuesday I walked 22 minutes (1.22 mile) at varying speeds. Wednesday, I walked for 20 minutes at 3 mph (1 mile). Thursday I walked 32 minutes, primarily at a 10% incline, traveling 1.68 mile total. Friday I walked 1.73 mile in 23 minutes, mostly at a 10% incline (2/3 of the distance at 3 mph; 1/3 at 3.5). Saturday I walked 1.91 mile in 35 minutes (25 minutes at 3.5 mph/10% incline; 5 minutes at 3 mph/10% incline; 5 minutes at 3 mph/1.5% incline). Total: 8.94 miles.

Week 19 - July 8-July 14
Weight: 130.5

Even though I dropped down to 129 for two days mid-week, I weighed in at 130.5 on Monday morning . I was back to 129 on Tuesday morning, and for the record (and in case I bump back up by Monday), I was down to 128 on Friday!
Monday I walked for 29 minutes (1.75 mile at varying speeds and inclines). Tuesday I walked for 30.5 minutes (varying speeds and inclines). Wednesday morning I walked 11 minutes (.63 mile). Thursday I walked 17.5 minutes (1.02 mile). Friday I walked .86 mile in 15 minutes. Saturday I walked 1.36 mile in 22 minutes. Sunday morning I walked .63 mile in 11 minutes, and that evening I took it slow, walking 1.15 mile in 23 minutes. Total: 9.20 miles.

Week 18 - July 1-July7
Weight: 131.5

OK, so I have to admit that I was a little frustrated Monday morning. I'd only lost .5 lb over the past week. I am hoping this is due to the fact that I am in the middle of "that" time. Overall, I have a mere 5.5 lbs to lose in 25 days. I can live with 130, but I would
really like to get down to 126 so that I
have some "swing" room.
I felt a little vindicated on Tuesday morning when I was down another .5 lb to 131! By Thursday morning the scale said 129 - yippee (Nicole does a
little happy dance)!
Monday I walked 24 minutes at 3.5 mph, going 1.4 mile at varying inclines. Tuesday I walked 28 minutes at varying inclines and speeds, going 1.56 mile. Wednesday, I walked .91 mile in 15 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. Thursday I walked .68 mile in 11 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. Friday I walked 1.43 mile in 24 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. Saturday I walked 1.11 mile in 18 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. Sunday I walked for 26 minutes (1.52 mile; varying speeds and inclines. Total: 8.61 miles.

Week 17 - June 24th-30th
Weight: 132

Another 2.5 lbs down - woohoo! I have readjusted my goal to 126 (the bottom of the line for healthy weight for my age and height), so now I have 6 lbs to go.
Monday morning I walked .73 mile, 6 minutes (3.5 mph) at an 8% incline and 5.5 minutes (4 mph) at a 4% incline. Monday night I went 1.04 mile in 18 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. On Tuesday I walked for 34 minutes total (12 at one time, 22 another), going 2.01 miles at varying inclines. Wednesday and Thursday morning, I went .69 mile in 10 minutes, jogging 3 minutes at 5 mph with an 8% incline. Thursday night I went 1.22 mile in 21 minutes at varying inclines. Friday morning I went .87 mile in 13 minutes, jogging 3 minutes at 5 mph on an 8% incline. Friday evening, I walked 1.19 mile in 20 minutes at varying inclines and speeds. Saturday I went .82 mile in 12 minutes, jogging for 3 minutes at an 8% incline. Sunday I went 1.6 miles in 30 minutes, at varying speeds and inclines. Total: 10.86 miles.

Week 16 - June 17th-23rd
Weight: 134.5

When I got on the scale Monday morning, I could hardly believe it! My difficult week really did pay off!! Of course, this week is the start of what I will call "water gain" week (you ladies out there know what I am talking about), so we shall see how things pan out. And of course, we will be at camp for 5 days, so that could make things interesting!
Monday, I went .76 mile at a 4% incline, jogging 6 minutes of it. Tuesday-Friday I walked and walked and walked at the camp, up and down the gravel road. I jogged two of the days until my shins gave me too much grief. I weighed in through the week at 132 and 133. Still holding at 133 on Saturday.
Friday night I used the treadmill: .64 mile at 4% incline in 10 minutes. Saturday: I didn't write down the miles, but I walked for 12 minutes at a 4% incline, mostly at 4 mph that morning. In the evening I went .71 mile in 12 minutes at varying inclines of 8% and 4%. Sunday morning I walked for 10 minutes, going .61 mile, 8% incline for half and 4% incline for the other half. Sunday night I walked for 20 minutes (1.16 mile) at varying speeds and inclines.
Friday night, Rob sent me to Kohl's to get some capris that "weren't so baggy" and I was able to get an 8, though a 6 fit - just too tight for my liking. I found a junior size 7 in flare jeans and they fit - and how could I resist at $7.00 on clearance! I just hope a 32 year old mom doesn't look like too big a dope in flare jeans...

Week 15 - June 10th-16th
Weight: 138

Another pound down (woo-hoo), 8 to go! Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, I went .75 mile in 10 minutes at a 4% incline, jogging 6 minutes of it. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were spent de-flooding our basement, and for some reason I weighed in two pounds heavier on Friday! ACCCKKKK!! Saturday morning I was back down to 138. And Sunday said 136! Will I still be there on Monday?! Total miles: 3.0.

Week 14 - June 3rd-9th
Weight: 139

I can hardly believe it, but two days on the scale attest to the same fact. I have not only met my first goal of 140, I passed it! Woo Hoo! The hard work is really paying off. Nine to go!
On Monday I walked on the treadmill for 1.08 miles in 15 minutes, jogging 6 minutes at 5 mph (11 minutes at 4% incline, 5 at no incline). I also did a few laps (swimming) and toning exercises. Tuesday, I did my toning exercises. I was unable to walk in the morning so I just did some toning exercises. Wednesday and Thursday I went .75 mile (4 % incline) in 10 minutes, jogging 5 mph for 6 minutes of it. Friday, I went 1.02 mile in 14 minutes at a 4% incline, jogging 6 minutes of it. Saturday I spent an hour washing and cleaning out the van and walked a mile on the 'mill in under 16 minutes (4% incline). Sunday I walked 1.24 mile in 21 minutes, varying speeds from 3.5 to 4.0 and inclines from level to 4, 6, and 10% with a one minute cool down. Total miles: 5.84

Week 13 - May 27th-June 2nd
Weight: 143

Another pound down, only 13 to go! On Monday, I did 400 crunches, various leg and hiney toning exercises, and I went 1.03 mile in 15 minutes at a 4% incline, jogging 4 of the 15 minutes at 5 mph. Tuesday, I went 1 mile in 14.5 minutes (4% incline), jogging 5 min. at 5 mph and did 400 crunches and various toning. Wednesday, I went 1 mile (4 % incline) on the 'mill in just over 14 minutes, jogging 6 min. at 5 mph, did 400 cruches and a few toning exercises. Thursday I was short on 'mill time, so I went .76 mile in 10 minutes (4 % incline; jogged 6 minutes at 5 mph). Friday and Saturday we were out of town, so I had to walk the "old-fashioned" way - outside! Walked about a mile each day and really watched what I ate. Sunday I got on the 'mill for 11 minutes, going .82 mile at 4% incline, jogging 6 minutes of it. Total miles: 6.61.

Week 12 - May 20th-26th
Weight: 144
Heart Rate: 81

Yay, me, I lost another pound! I have been doing 200-400 crunches each day, and I am beginning to see a real difference in my tummy. The back portion is going a bit slower, but there is perhaps some slight improvement there too. On Monday, I did my crunches and various toning exercises. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I went .85 mile in 11 minutes, jogging for 8 minutes (I thought my heart might burst out of my chest!) at a 4% incline. Wednesday night I walked about .3 mile to burn off some extra calories. On Thursday, I went 1.08 mile in 14 minutes, jogging 8 minutes (5 mph) at a 4% incline and jogging 1.5 minutes at a 1.5% incline. Saturday, I walked 1.08 mile at a 4% incline in 17 minutes, at a pace of 4 mph for a mile, cooling down for the remainder (3.5-2.5 mph). Sunday I walked 1.43 mile. Total for week: 6.44 miles.

Week 11 - May 13th-19th
Weight: 145

I am so excited! I lost 2 lbs in a week! My new breakfast plan, additional toning, and self-control when eating really paid off! Yay, me! On Monday, I walked for 20 minutes, going 1.14 mile. I continued with my toning exercises as well. Tuesday through Friday, I went .84 mile in 11 minutes, jogging at 5 mph for 7 minutes. I have been drinking ALOT more water and watching what I do eat and not overstuffing myself. Total for week: 4.5 miles.

Week 10 - May 6th-May 12th
On Monday and Tuesday I worked on various toning and strengthening exercises such as leg lifts and sit ups. I am also now trying a high fiber/carb breakfast plan to see if that better jumpstarts my metabolism. Wednesday, I had a short time, so I jogged for 6 minutes, going a total of .75 mile in 10 minutes. I also did various toning exercises. Thursday and Friday, I jogged for 6 of 12 minutes, going .865 mile each day. I continue to work on various toning exercises. Total for week: 2.48 miles.

Week 9 - April 29th-May 5th
Weight: 147
Resting Heart Rate: 84

On Tuesday, I went a mile in 14 minutes, accomplished because I jogged at 5 mph for 4 minutes. Wednesday, I was short on time, so I decided to see how far I could go in 10 minutes. By jogging 5 of the 10 at 5 mph, I went .75 mile. Thursday, I went 1 mile in just under 14 minutes, jogging 5 mph for 5 minutes. Friday, I went .75 mile in just under 10 minutes, jogging 5 mph for 6 minutes. Total for week: 3.5 miles.

Week 8 - April 22nd-28th
Monday through Thursday, I walked/jogged a 15 minute mile, mostly at a 4% incline. On Friday, I was short on time, so I went .5 mile at a 4% incline in 6.5 minutes, jogging for 4 minutes straight at 5 mph. Total for week: 4.5 miles.

Week 7 - April 15th-21st
On Tuesday and Thursday, I tried one of the 30 minute programs on my treadmill. It took me 1.71 miles varying between 2-4 mph with up to a 6% incline. On Wednesday, I was short on time, so I walked for 10 minutes, taking me .63 mile. On Friday I was motivated by Marn to try going a mile in 15 minutes. And I did it!! I had to jog for 2 minutes of the time, but I made it in 15 minutes and even with a 4% incline for the majority of it. Total distance this week: 5.05! I also did sit-ups and leg lifts almost everyday.

Week 6 - April 8th-14th
I walked a mile and tried to use my Buttmaster while working at the computer. I also did some sit-ups and leg lifts at varying times during the week. Unfortunately, I have gained back a few pounds.

Week 5 - April 1st-7th
I walked 3.42 miles and used my Buttmaster while at the computer as often as I remembered. I also did sit-ups and leg lifts.

Week 4 - March 25th-31st
Weight: 148
Resting Heart Rate: 84

I walked 2.88 miles, most of which was done with incline. I also used my "ButtMaster" often when I was sitting at my computer and I started doing sit-ups.

Week 3 - March 18th-24th
I walked a total of 3.5 miles. I did not take my heart rate nor did I remember to weigh myself first thing in the morning all week.

Week 2 - March 11th-17th
Weight: 149
Resting heart rate: 90

This week, I walked a total of 2.5 miles, mostly at an incline. I did better at watching most of what I ate and trying to only eat when hungry. I must admit to enjoying a few Krispy Kremes, as we had company and I was persuaded to go and buy a dozen (but I didn't eat a dozen, oh-kay!). I also began to use my "Butt Master" again (what a name for a peice of exercise equipment!).

Week 1 - March 4th-10th
Weight: 150
Resting heart rate: 102

In my first official week of The Search for the Perfect Butt, I walked a total of 1.85 miles and jogged 3/4ths of a mile. I didnít do squat all weekend, besides enjoy cinnamon rolls, a Krispy Kreme donut, and turtle pecan brownies. Oops!

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